by Les Gavels

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    Recorded in the frigid months of 2009-2010 with Andy Mathison. Cover art and layout: Front Prospect Design. Don't forget to read along with the lyrics. Contact:

    Members: Aimeric, Tyler, Daniel, Zack, Erick |

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released July 6, 2010




Les Gavels Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Buy In
I’d like to say I’m living the dream,
Funny thing is that the joke’s on me.
Taking orders from crooks, and I'm dependent on warlords
I’m running again on empty

“I can’t fucking take it”, she says
Masking discontent with receipts and a smile
I’m not living off of these wages
And if I started to break free I’d be eaten alive

So, I lie awake in the shade
Letting the breeze cool the burn and ease the pain
No more political compromise, at a loss for words
Thank god the weather changes everyday

And finally we’re starting to see some progress
The economy teetering on collapse
Seems like no one wants to buy this shit anymore
It’s time to pull out the shiv and redistribute the fat

We've become worthless, just mechanisms
Replaceable by default, while the execs get the bonus
So I put the bread on my credit line, and stave off the notion
That every day of getting older, my skin becomes that much more tender for the director to...CUT CUT CUT, can't bear the weight!

Spent a lifetime giving myself to the world...
Now is not the time for a public announcement, now is not the time
Now is the time to silently aggrandize, mobilize with all you have left
To wait for an opening, and move in accordance, in protest of the surveilling sun

…a way out is what I need now
Track Name: Forge
We exhaust ourselves, panic imbued
Hanging in twilight, stuck on repeat
No time for rest, to capture a breath
Must endure, submit to consequence of how far we've come

There’s no turning back, we've given everything
We're challenging the bend, we’ve called upon the ranks
To pull this one together, to push against the break
I keep telling myself to just keep kicking (just keep kicking...)

Bring in the guns, bring in the gas
Black masks feign sustainability,
Preaching policies of fear
Now can you hear the people start to sing?

Exhausted, completely drained
Into the morning, stuck on repeat
No time to rest, no time for a breath
Must prevent the collapse hanging over our heads

So your fist is in the air, what’s next?

In the wake of our grandmothers
In the wake of our grandfathers
We will tear these fences down
Track Name: Expanding Identity
Every now and then I think about how far I’ve gone
Was it wise inspiration or was I just completely dumb?
I did not think / ‘bout / how / hard it could be to be far
Feelings of lost / times / sad / hearts, these can tear you apart

So why don’t I feel like I am away from home?
One day I woke up and that feeling was gone
How can it feel right to be so far from home?
I had to move on and I made this place my own.

Feelings were mixed over there, some people could not get it
Did I not like my country, my people, or maybe it wasn’t the right fit.
How could I give / up / all / this without looking back?
I still keep in / touch / make / up what I sometimes lack

So why don’t I feel like I am away from home?
One day I woke up and that feeling was gone
How can it feel right to be so far from home?
I had to move on and I made this place my own.

Expanding identity
I didn’t lose anything, I just added a couple of things
I’ve become some kind f hybrid, having two different ways
Please don’t ask me to pick on, both can work together
I can stay
So far away
Track Name: Mannequin Graveyards
What is art, what is ugly enough?
What is love, how much can you leave exposed.

To be exploited by the operating hands
Nerves shot and wallets hungry
Once unique, now attuned in drones
Trained to follow the model, perpetuated from the top down

God damn it! All we want to do is live, self sufficiently
Without depending on an unjust infrastructure
Built to herd, and condition our existence

How sick, can we get
Before we seek out a cure
And purge this mess from our veins

And create something...
Something we don’t have to lie about in history books
Something beautiful as the thought of justice
…being more than a romantic ideal, patched to our backs, in unspoken camaraderie
Track Name: No Sentience, Life Sentence
Don’t be afraid tonight, because the bottom couldn’t be any closer than here, than now
We paid the price, floated to the surface too soon, unwillingly

We’re dancing with tragedy (X3)

Swimming upstream. we took the bait and swallowed
Give them hell! Break the line!
Hook by hook, we will leave them empty handed
Meter by meter, their lungs will soon know…

Depth! Because what poets we are, tame as the dammed water,
institutionalized, anxiously waiting to flood
we just need to find the cracks in this oppressive architecture

To exploit and barrage, swim through to bluer waters…

Now I’m filled up with holes, I need some painkillers, or something to subside the connection to my mind

Throw it back, This fish isn’t big enough to fry
No sentience, unwilling to materialize
Throw it back, this fish is toxic to tongues
Let it dance while it drains this sentence
Track Name: Open Your Eyes
Hey, how would it feel
To get a peek at all the truth,
To get a taste of things to come,
You think you can just take it all?

Why would it matter?
Just getting more control.
There would be no turning back,
No safety net, no one there to show you out.

All these years trying to find
Some kind of meaning,
Tryin’ to avoid remaining so blind
You were getting there and here I am

Self-righteous, so innocent
Telling you
To back out
‘cause you’re still far.

But it’s right here
Don’t believe the things they’ve said
You just can’t hear
Gotta learn to filter out
Take a pick
There’s so much out there
So take on this mountainous challenge
And start the climb

Wait, what do you mean?
It’s getting too hard?
Too much that you cannot clean, you cannot change
Too complex, or just too smart.

Strange feeling that it’s not right,
Stuff too hot to handle,
Too complex,
No black and white

There a lot out there to see
There’s a lot to uncover
But can one person alone handle all the pressure
And not get down?

Do it!
Get in line
Take your time
But the truth
Won’t just pop up and shine

Go! Y’already wasting your time
Tryin’ too hard
Trying to sort out
What is true from what is right.
Truth is ugly but you can
Take it in and still walk back
Because I know
That everything they’ll let you hear
Is what they want you to fear
Take control!

It’s hard to figure out
By yourself
That if you open your eyes
They will not burn.